About Me

I am a sock designer, from nothing to a fully finished design, for only a couple of days. With me, your business becomes more successful and your manufacturer (production) doesn’t need to do any additional work. I am very friendly, open to discussion, and you can ask my clients more about me. The choice is yours. I am someone who draws for you… I am an expert in the sock area with two years of experience in a sock factory and over four years as a freelancer.

Work ONLY with me and you will not make a mistake. Whether this sock is for you, your business, factory, or your team, I will make this product look live and perfect!

Before I make a product, I completely dedicate myself to the brand and your ideas before creating. A sense of aesthetics and the composition of socks is very important, but research also plays a huge role. That’s why I combine my skills with your ideas and research to make a unique product. I have to look at all the important related things to bring the product to perfection.

I think this is enough and that my socks and my clients can say the best about my work. If you want to talk about work, advice or anything else, don’t hesitate to contact me. I am very open to conversation.

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