Imagery Socks - Client

Another triumph in my career as a sock designer. The project has been completed with 15 new socks that will be found on THIS site( ). Cooperation with this company was excellent and I am especially proud that as a designer, my products can be found in San Diego (California).

It is always a pleasure when my designs are sold overseas, and the ideas are created by the joint effort of the client and me, and the fact that I come from Serbia only helps me to reach a higher goal.

At no time, as someone who is an expert in sock design, will I allow the knowledge and effort invested to go unappreciated. Socks, as a small fashion detail, are still selling very well and I hope they will achieve great sales success.

I am extremely glad that I collaborated on this sock design project and achieved another very nice connection with a client for whom I have not a single negative comment. All cooperation went smoothly and there is not a single moment when I regretted starting. Zack is great at providing advice, descriptions and references. I can only say thank you. In the future, you can expect to get the best sock designs.

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